Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olan ~ Long Beans and Pumpkin in a simple Gravy

Fresh Harvested Long Beans and Green Chili's with Store brought Yellow Pumpkin......
Close look of the veggies......
Veggies cut in to fine strips ( 1 inch pieces) ready to get cooked....
End result of veggies....cooked in a simple gravy....easy to cook....will be awesome side dish for Steamed Rice

Ingredients for making Olan:

  • Long Beans : approx. 10
  • Green Chili's: 3 (adjust according to taste)
  • Yellow Pumpkin - Half (cut into 1 inch pieces)
  • Water - 2 cups
  • Salt - according to taste
  • Coconut oil / canola oil - 1 tablespoon
  • Curry leaves - few (optional)
  • Coconut milk - 1/2 cup (optional)

Method for making Olan:

Step 1: Wash and cut long beans , Pumpkin and green chili's

Step 2: Transfer the vegetables to a cooking pot and add 2 cups of water and salt let it boil...(until cooked). (check the pumpkin- it will become soft when cooked)

Step 3: Check for salt , add coconut oil or canola oil to it and the curry leaves, stir nicely.

Step 4: If adding coconut milk (Sim the Olan and smash the vegetables softly and pour in the coconut milk and stir nicely). Let it cook for another 5 minutes in minimum heat.

Step 5: If not using coconut milk just skip it and smash the vegetables softly and proceed... the steps...

Olan is ready to serve...with steaming White rice.....

I like to eat Olan with rice , rasam and pappadam (pappad).

This is a Keralite dish (South Indian Cuisine)


notyet100 said...

nice one,,u can send this for curry mela too.

Shreya said...

Oh dear! I loooooooove Olan! It is usually my fav when mom makes it during feasts, so simple and I must confess I don't make it well. Something goes wrong always. Yours looks delicious and perfect..

Usha said...

Brought back memories when the entire family gets together and my mom in law makes this,your looks delicious:)

vidhas said...

I was looking for olan recipe. I got it. Thanks for the lovely entry. Nice collection of recipes