Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brown Rice Halwa

I used brown rice for making this halwa....Brown Rice is also called as 'unpolished rice' , it is brown in color...(normally all types of rice are brown in color before the process of polishing)
Every rice grain has an outer layer of thick covered layer called 'husk'. Under this there is a thin layer called 'bran' which is the brownish layer. The brownish layer is removed during the process of polishing,that becomes the White Rice, but for the brown rice the bran is left intact.
Brown Rice is believed to be more nutritious compared to the White Rice.

Ingredients for making Brown Rice Halwa:
  • Brown Rice: 1 cup
  • Sugar : 2 Tablespoon
  • Coconut Milk - 1 can ( i used one 14oz can) / coconut milk from one medium sized coconut approx. 3 cups.
  • Clarified Butter (Ghee)-1/2 cup
  • Few Nuts to garnish like Melon Seeds or Almonds
  • Condensed Milk -1 can ( i used one 14oz can)

Method for making Brown Rice Halwa:

Step 1: Soak the brown rice in water for 4 hours.

Step 2: In a blender add rice and sugar and Grind it to a fine paste.

Step 3: Make 3 cups of Coconut Milk (can use store brought or can make from the scratch) and add to the blended rice mixture and mix well.

Step 4: Grease a Plate with Ghee (for pouring the rice halwa) and keep it aside

Step 5: Heat a heavy bottomed Pan , then in a medium heat add the grinded mixture to the pan. Keep Stirring continuously for approx 15 minutes.

Step 6: Add the Condensed Milk and Clarified Butter(Ghee) keep stirring nicely till the Ghee starts forming in the sides of the pan, and the mixture forms a ball shape in the centre.

Step 7: Remove from heat, spread the mixture to the plate. Sprinkle the desired nuts for garnishing. Keep it aside to cool. After few minutes cut into small cubes and this is ready to serve.

This is a nice mild sweet for people who like eating sweets but don't want it to be too sweet..

Note: If you are trying to make this rice halwa from regular rice (polished rice) u need to add food color to it otherwise the rice halwa will be white in color.


Usha said...

Very interesting idea,never seen brown rice being used in a sweet dish this way.....:)

Rashmi said...

back at home my mother prepares this mild sweet (its a keralite desert)

kavitha said...

My great grand mother used to make this dish for my dad. I was so excited to get the recipe to my dad. He can't wait to make this halwa.