Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekend Lunch

This is our weekend lunch.
Rice with Lentils with clarified butter,Pappad,Avakai Manga, Avial, Vendaikai Pulli Pachadi and Yogurt. ..Yum Yum....
After a long time we had lunch in banana leaves....South Indian Foods are normally served in Banana Leaves.Back at home in India we used have lunch in banana leaves for most of the occasions, marriage cerimonies, festivals....This used to be our Paper Plate(hee hee).
I personally feel that food served in banana leaves adds an extra taste and flavour to the food.


Sharmila said...

Wow!Bengalis also have food on banana leaves. :-) You are lucky to get them. I love the look of your leaf plate. There is a South Indian festival (I think the new year ... comes around April) ... and we make it a point to visit a South Indian restaraunt where they serve the whole menu.

B said...

One thing I love is that food is served in kerala on the banana has a diff heavenly taste altogether! Nice
pic :)